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This section of the "From Site to Story" web site includes databases, downloadable documents, and image archives -- its research foundations.

Searchable Bibliography of Archaeological References:
Regional Bibliography for the Northern Headwaters Region, Twin Cities Metro Area and Red Wing Locality.

This bibliography includes mostly unpublished reports, the majority of which are on file in the State Historic Preservation Office at the Minnesota History Center. The listings can be sorted by area (subject), author, date, county, publication data, county, state, or level of investigation.

Individual listings can be found by using the "Search" function.

Searchable Bibliography of Environmental References:
Environmental Bibliography of Minnesota covering Biology, Geology, Geomorphology, Maps, Paleoecology, and Quaternary history.

This bibliography includes books, articles, theses, government reports, and professional papers. The listings can be sorted by the subjects listed above, by author and date.

Individual listings can be found by using the "Search" function.


These research papers are viewable in HTML web format and some are downloadable as text, rich text format or in various word processing formats. More will be added in future months.

Most include photos, drawings, maps, or diagrams. Click on most images for a larger 575 pixel wide screen size image and then click again for a 1000 pixel wide huge image file.

Twin Cities Metro Area:
    Archaeology of the Central Minneapolis Riverfront, by Scott F. Anfinson
        Part 1: Historical Overview and Archaeological Potentials        (images)
        Part 2: Archaeological Explorations and Intrepretive Potentials         (images)

    Twin Cities Sanitation History, by Sigrid Arnott

    Carvers Cave: An Enduring Landmark on the Upper Mississippi River by Alan R. Woolworth and Nancy L. Woolworth

Northern Headwaters Region:
    Outta the Woods and Onto the Mills: Shifting Timber-Harvest Strategies on Minnesota's Early Lumbering Frontiers, by Douglas A. Birk

Red Wing Locality:
    The Application of Remote Sensing Techniques to Settlement Pattern Analysis at the Red Wing Locality by Clark A. Dobbs

    A Pilot Study of High Precision Radiocarbon Dating at the Red Wing Locality by Clark A. Dobbs

    The Mississippian Presence in the Red Wing Area, Minnesota by Guy E. Gibbon and Clark A. Dobbs

    The Diamond Bluff Site Complex and Cahokia Influence in the Red Wing Locality by Roland L. Rodell

    A Brief History Of Archaeology In Minnesota, by Clark A. Dobbs

    Henry Lewis Image Archive

Image Archives:

Minnesota Glaciation Maps:
A series of 4 maps showing how glaciation progressed from 13000 BP to 10000 BP.



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